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Gary and Clark is the oldest photography studio in Dallas serving the business community with executive portraiture. Established in the 1940's, Gary and Clark has captured the history makers and the movers and shakers that have made Dallas a business and cultural touchstone. The studio continues that tradition through owner Mary Williams who worked for the studio for decades before buying the business when the Gary's and the Clark's retired.

Call for a booking at 214-741-3716 and ask for Mary.

We are conveniently located in downtown Dallas at 1910 Pacific Ave. Suite #1425


From the Blog

For many of us, having our business portrait taken is something that’s as excruciating as going to the dentist. More so, even, because the results will be displayed in public on a website and other marketing materials for all to see.

So we drag ourselves in front of the camera; grimace as we smile; and hope that the result is usable.


Lynn J.
When it fell to me to book protraits for the company execs, I was horrified. The previous admin gave me the number for Gary and Clark and things were handled quickly and professionally. What relief!